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Player Beat Technical rider

        “Player Beat” Technical rider

Main sound reinforcement system

For proficient sound our musical band uses only world`s leading brands audio equipment, that allows to wire for sound of the presented event placing with no distortions and provide with normal acoustical pressure. Preferably: L-Acoustics, d&b audiotechnik, CODA Audio, NEXO, MeyerSound Equipment power depends on certain placing provided, but should be no less than 4 kW. Power and sound amplification system components must comply with the placing size, placement and number of audience. Approximately: 20 W (RMS) per 1 seat in placing. Outdoors concert — at 1000 people no less than 20 kW provided.

Monitor lines

6 (six) independent monitor cabinets switched with 6 (six) independent pre-fader AUX-outputs. Every monitor line should be equipped with individual equalizer. Monitor lines are set and switched left-to-right in the right order, front stage vision. Preferably: L-Acoustics 115XT HiQ, Meyer Sound MJF212, d&b audiotechnik M2/M4 Depending on the bay size, installing of the monitor drummer SUB + SATELLITE is separately accorded. Large stages needed side fills (3 or 2 band-pass) switched to 2 (two) independent pre-fader console (2 lines) AUX-outputs.

Mixing console

Digital Mixing Console should have at least 24 channels and 8 AUX-outputs. (Router shall strictly be connected to the mixing console and preconfigured!!!). Preferably: YAMAHA CL-series

Stage machinery (backline)

Drum set:

Yamaha Maple Custom, DW Collector, Tama Starclassic, Sonor S-Class, Gretsch, Pearl
1 x Kick Drum (22″) + foot bar! (VERY IMPORTANT)
1 x Snare Drum (14″) (VERY IMPORTANT)
2 x Rack Toms (10″+12″)
1 x Floor Toms (16″) (non-ride, foot-stand!!!)
3 x cymbal stands («booms», with batting and locks!)
1 x Hi-Hat stand +lock (ligature)!
1 x Side drum stand (All stands must have functioning fastenings, free-fall and stable)
Cymbal set (Zildjian, Sabian) (2xCrash (17″+18″), 1x Ride (20″- 22″), 1x Hi-Hat (14″-16″)
1x drum throne (adjusted, high, screw-type) DW, TAMA, YAMAHA, GIBRALTAR, MAPEX (NO SONOR!!!)
1 х stereo audio outputs Jack-Jack Hi-Hat side for ROLAND SPDX connection (Bring with the stand ourselves)
2 x Di-Box 2 x sockets 220v (Euro)
There must be a wonder rug, sized no less than 2x2m under the drum set. All drum plastic is strictly new-made! DRUM SHIELD (Installation of soundproof screen depends on screen size and is obligatory discussed with soundman).

Bass guitar:

Bass combo/ stacker no less than 300 W
Stack- Ampeg (SVT Series), Mesa Boogie, Gallien Krueger (RB series)
1 x Ampeg SVT 4-Pro/GK 1001RB-II (head)
1 x Ampeg SVT 410HLF/HE / GK Neo 410 (cabinet)
1 x Di-Box 1 x Guitar stand
1 х кабель Jack-Jack (no less than 6 m) 2 x sockets 220v (Euro)
(Bass combo must be lifted of the floor up to 1,2 m!)

Electric guitar:

Guitar combo/ light stacker no less than 40W
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe/Deville
1 х inclined stand for guitar combo
1 х cable Jack-Jack (no less than 6 m)
2 x socket 220v (Euro)

Keyboard instrument:

1 х single-stage X-shape key stand
2 х Di-Box 1 х stereo audio outputs Jack-Jack
2 x sockets 220v (Euro)
(Monitor is strongly placed leftward of the keyboard player and MUST BE lifted of the floor up to 1,2 m!).


3-х microphone (cord) Shure SM58 веtа (or vocal radiosystems Shure)
2 х Vertical microphone stands with adjusted height and round grounding
1 х Microphone boom

The stage must be fully prepared for the arrival of the performers (this also implies that all the mixer signals are properly and duly tested by personnel STRICTLY before designated time of sound check). Band`s sound check lasts at least 1.5 hour since the tuning sound equipment host country. At least one optimistic qualified personnel for assistance and possible technical problems solutions is required on stage and at mixing console. The deviation of the technical rider, MUST be conformed in advance with sound engineer of the band!!!



1 Kick IN SM91/e901 Gate, Comp
2 Kick OUT SM52/e902 Gate, Comp
3 Snare TOP SM57/beta98/e904 Gate, Comp
4 Snare BTM SM57/beta98/e904 Comp
5 Hi-Hat MKH40/C451/SM81
6 Tom1 beta98/e904/e604 Gate, Comp
7 Tom2 beta98/e904/e604 Gate, Comp
8 Floor Tom beta98/e904/e604 Gate, Comp
9 O.H. L MKH40/C451/SM81
10 O.H. R MKH40/C451/SM81
11 Roland SPDX DI
12 Roland SPDX DI
13 Bass DI Comp
14 Guitar e906/SM57
15 Key L DI
16 Key R DI
17 Boris SM58beta Comp
18 Rita SM58beta Comp
19 Misha SM58beta Comp
20 VoiceLive SM58beta Comp


7 SideFill L PEQ
8 SideFill R PEQ